Skills Clinics

Are you into Trail, XC or Marathon riding?

Make it more enjoyable! Whether it’s gaining confidence, speed, or just punishing your body and bike less. Come and join us for a skills lesson.


Private or small group classes tailored to your skill level and needs, can be arranged. Please email for inquiries and bookings.


New to riding? Make sure you get the basics right; simple body-position changes can have a huge effect on your riding.
This course will have you feeling comfortable on your bike, with a better understanding of your machine.

  • how it all works
  • bike setup
  • riding position, neutral, climbing & descents
  • braking
  • getting started on an uphill
  • getting out of the saddle
  • movement on bike
  • cornering


Step it up. You have the confidence on single track, now you want to take your riding to the next level.
This course will get you loosened up on the bike, working on your body position, how you move, and handling. Get the hang of being in control and making the bike work for you.
*The Intermediate class is a pre-requisite for the Advanced class.

  • movement – getting loose on the bike
  • track stand / stationary balance
  • braking
  • cornering – long and tight corners
  • drop off
  • steep climb
  • lifting your front wheel
  • getting onto/over logs and pavements
  • rock garden


Now things are starting to get serious. You feel like you have control of your bike and want to start mastering the fun stuff.
This class will work on the skills you need to make your ride more enjoyable.
*The Intermediate class is a pre-requisite for the Advanced class.

  • hopping rock gardens
  • manual
  • wheelie
  • bunny hop (American)
  • gap jumps / dirt jumps
  • floating vertical drops


Weekends and Friday afternoons can be arranged.
Lessons can be arranged with Chris at or keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming classes.


Private  – R1300  &  2hrs
2 on 1    – R1100pp  &  2hrs
3 to 5     – R900pp  &  2.5hrs
6 to 10   – R700pp  &  3hrs

At Peach Skills we believe in skills development at a young age, that is why U17’s get 25% off the above rates.

Specific Clinics


Peach’s Mini-Clinics will focus on one specific skill per lesson. They work on progressing riders from the basics, through to an advanced level.
The lessons will be split into the following:

  1. Cornering
  2. Manual, Wheelie
  3. Bunny-hop
  4. Drop-offs
  5. Jumps

Tech Skills

For those that want to have a bit of fun on their bikes.
Feel what bike control really is. This course will cover unique handling skills that help with all riding, be it XCO, Trail or Marathon.
Course includes:

  • track stands
  • quick direction change
  • rocking
  • wheelie
  • bunny hop (American)
  • skinnies
  • stoppies
  • side hops
  • roll backs
  • peddle kick

Hands on Class

Learn how your bike works.
Several lessons will cover:

  • bike set-up
  • gearing
  • suspension
  • tire choice and pressure
  • setting brakes and gears
  • simple trail repairs

Skills Tips



Skills Clinics

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The Coach

Peach’s MTB Skills Clinics was officially started by Christopher Pearton in late 2014. Unofficially he has done it for most of his life, coaching his siblings, parents, friends, and anyone who set foot on a bike in his vicinity.

His cycling career started when he was 10 years old, competing at the local XCO races. Years later he took up Bike Trials, which lead to Dirt Jumping, Down Hill and Enduro. With 20 years experience in the different cycling disciplines, he has learnt valuable skills and tricks which he happily hands over in his lessons.

Growing up the youngest of 6 kids meant Chris learned lots of patience. This is evident in his easy handling of every experience level… anyone is welcome!

Sponsors, Partner & Support

Huge thanks to my sponsors for their support, and awesome products!

Leatt Protectives
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Mountain Biking is a dangerous sport and accidents can happen at any time, especially when trying to improve your skills. Peach’s Skills will not force you to do anything you do not want to do. If you attend these lessons you agree to knowing the risks involved and take full responsibility for your actions and decisions. Peach’s Skills (and its staff) take no responsibility for accidents that may occur during, before or after a lesson.