Specific Clinics


Peach’s Mini-Clinics will focus on one specific skill per lesson. They work on progressing riders from the basics, through to an advanced level.
The lessons will be split into the following:

  1. Cornering
  2. Manual, Wheelie
  3. Bunny-hop
  4. Drop-offs
  5. Jumps

Tech Skills

For those that want to have a bit of fun on their bikes.
Feel what bike control really is. This course will cover unique handling skills that help with all riding, be it XCO, Trail or Marathon.
Course includes:

  • track stands
  • quick direction change
  • rocking
  • wheelie
  • bunny hop (American)
  • skinnies
  • stoppies
  • side hops
  • roll backs
  • peddle kick

Hands on Class

Learn how your bike works.
Several lessons will cover:

  • bike set-up
  • gearing
  • suspension
  • tire choice and pressure
  • setting brakes and gears
  • simple trail repairs